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Project 1 - Ski Path Analysis Tool

Ski path functional specifications
Functional Specifications Document.doc

Ski path technical design document
Technical Design Document.doc

Project 2 - HydroAnalyzer Tool

Data & Info Tech in Hydrologic

A transform work from Mapwindow 4 to Mapwindow 6
MapWinGIS.Shapefile become MapWindow.Data.FeatureSet
MapWinGIS.Grid become MapWindow.Data.Raster
If we want to load a DEM(e.g. a .bgd file) in MapWindow 4 or previous version, some work need to do for the displaying in the map, such as convert it into a image and assign a displaying color scheme by using MapWinGIS.Utils and MapWinGIS.GridColorScheme, mapwindow 6 achieve this automaticlly by using the AddLayer property

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